James Daughtry

  • Program of Study: MA
  • Current Residence: Maynard, MA
  • Current Occupation: IT Engineering Support
  • Recent performances, publications, awards: None music-related. I have had a satisfying career of 30+ years as a computer programmer and technical support engineer.
  • What did you value most about your graduate experience in the Hayes School of Music? I'm not sure they called it Hayes back in the early 1970's. Two things stand out now as significant changes in my life at the time: - I had the flexibility and acceptance to explore areas outside the School of Music, which ultimately led me to enter a career that was (to me) far more satisfying and for which I was far better suited. Sometimes learning what you DON'T want to do is the most valuable lesson. - I learned a great deal from my experience with Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and when elected as a graduate student to be Pledge Master (a term that has fallen from grace because of the PC Police), I instituted a couple of changes that are still reflect chapter traditions today.