Percussion Performance

Percussion Performance Faculty

Faculty Member Title Contact Biography
Dr. Robert J. Falvo
Professor, Percussion Area Coordinator
Room 124, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-4979

Mission Statement

The Masters in Music in Performance provides a well-rounded education in music as a formidable expression of artistic talent and demonstrated excellence in knowledge of pedagogy and applied literature. The degree enables the student performer the opportunity to develop high-levels of musicianship, artistic interpretations, and a strong commitment to the art of performance, instilling a lifelong desire to participate creatively and study as a dedicated artist, performer, scholar, and teacher.

Admissions Information

General Admission Requirements

Audition Requirements

Students must audition before the applied percussion faculty in all areas of percussion, i.e., keyboard percussion (marimba and vibraphone), timpani, drumset, and multiple percussion. They must demonstrate a well-grounded technique and able control on all instruments and have a basic knowledge of the standard solo literature for percussion. Examples of technical ability: four mallet independence on marimba and vibraphone; different dampening on timpani; proper playing technique on the standard hand instruments (e.g., cymbals, tambourine, triangle, conga, bongos, etc.); a variety of styles of drumset (e.g., Latin rock, jazz, etc.).

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Degree Course Requirements

Course Requirements for the Master of Music in Performance Semester Hours Required (minimum): 32 or 35 - varies by concentration - see below
Required Courses
  • AMU 6xxx: Applied Music (8)
  • MUS 5006: Philosophy of Music (3)
  • MUS 5170: Professional and Scholarly Practices for Musicians (3)
  • MUS 5013: History of Musical Style (3) 
  • MUS 5018: Applied Area Literature – topics depend upon concentration (3) 
  • MUS 5600: Analytical Techniques (3)

Performance Concentration (Code: 558L)
Semester hours required for the degree (minimum): 32

  • MUS 5100: Performance Ensemble (1+1+1+1=4)
  • MUS 5998: Master of Music in Performance Recital (2)
  • 3 s.h. of music electives chosen in consultation with an advisor

Schedule of Course Offerings

Courses offered each Fall Semester:

  • MUS 5170 Professional and Scholarly Practices for Musicians
  • MUS 5600 Analytical Techniques 

Courses offered each Spring Semester:

  • MUS 5006 Philosophy of Music 
  • MUS 5013 History of Musical Style
  • MUS 5602 Music Theory Pedagogy (Even years only)

Recital Requirements

  • The recital will consist of approximately forty to fifty minutes of music performance.
  • All areas of percussion, i.e., keyboard percussion (marimba and vibraphone), timpani and multiple percussion will be included.
  • At least one selection must be accompanied by piano, chamber ensemble, or electronic tape.
  • At least one avant-garde composition must be performed.

Assistantships and Scholarships

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Percussion Assistantships

The Percussion Assistantship involves assisting with instrumental methods classes, ensembles, and private lessons. The stipend for one year is $8,500.