Assistantships and Scholarships

This page focuses on information on assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships available to any music graduate student regardless of degree type or instrument/voice focus. There is also some information on degree/instrument/voice specific assistantships, but for more information on these assistantships, also navigate to your specific degree page via Programs of Study.


The Cratis D. Williams Graduate School at Appalachian awards several scholarships and fellowships to outstanding graduate students each year.  Information is available on the Graduate School website.

NC Tuition Scholarships for Out-of-State Students: This award is for exceptional students who are not North Carolina residents.  It covers the out-of-state portion of tuition so the recipient pays tuition at the in-state rate for the first year.  Nominations for these scholarships are made by the respective Program Directors. It is the policy of the Hayes School of Music that this scholarship is not renewable for the second year so that we can assist a greater number of students. For in-state tuition, students must establish and prove NC residency. View information regarding establishing NC residency.


General (not degree-specific) graduate assistantships are awarded to full-time graduate students on a yearly basis and most carry an $9,500 stipend. Responsibilities of the graduate assistants are varied according to the interests of the graduate student and the needs of the Hayes School of Music. The primary duty of some assistantships is instruction, supervision, or tutoring assistance, and for others it is administrative support. Assistantships are awarded for one year. Successful completion of assistantship duties the first year will result in a renewal of the assistantship for a second year. 

Students are selected on the basis of audition, interview, and recommendations. There may be additional application requirements for degree specific assistantships. Navigate to your specific degree webpage via Programs of Study for possible further information on these assistantships. The priority deadline for complete application submission (including audition) for those interested in securing an assistantship is March 1, 2024.

Degree/ Instrument/ Voice Specific Assistantships Include: 

General Assistantship Positions Include:

  • Music Theory  in the Tutoring Lab
  • Assisting Professors
  • Administrative Assistant (multiple positions, for example in music education, music performance, recording studio, and orchestra and choral libraries)

Sample General Assistantship Descriptions: 

  • Music Theory and History Lab
    This assistantship in music theory is responsible for supervising undergraduate tutors in the music theory and music history tutoring lab as well as compiling data regarding the tutoring lab for faculty members. Additional duties may include research and teaching as assigned by members of the theory faculty.
  • Music History
    Students awarded the assistantship for music history will assist faculty with grading and other administrative duties. (This assistantship may be combined with other duties such as scanning concert attendance.) 
  • Graduate Coordinator Assistant
    This assistant works with the Hayes School of Music Coordinator of Graduate Studies. The duties of this position include assisting with graduate student recruiting, website updating, spreadsheet creation and updating, public relations, social media, and creation of assistantship forms. Additional responsibilities vary in accordance to the needs of the Graduate Program.

For more degree-specific assistantships, navigate to your specific degree page via Programs of Study.

For more information, visit the Assistantships section of the School of Graduate Studies site.


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The monetary amount of the Provost's, Chancellor's, and Lovill's Fellowships may change from year to year in accordance with the level of funding available (e. g., as affected by changes in the stock market).

Further Financial Support for Graduate Study