Resources on Campus

Appalachian State offers a wide range of opportunities for students of various interests. The people and location of App State allow for us to have many clubs, organizations, recreational opportunities and social gatherings of nearly any kind! We are fortunate to truly have a great community that sustains an exciting and passionate student life.

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Here are some quick resources you can find at App State:


  • Appalachian Express Account: The Appalachian Express Account is an optional account that may be set up for on-campus expenses. This account allows for funds to be deposited and then "charged" to your AppCard, including purchases at the bookstore, all the food services locations, and even campus vending machines. You can create an account with a minimum of $20 at the AppCard office in Trivette Hall. Easier than carrying cash!
  • Food: There are a number of places on campus to eat and all of them take cash or AppCards (if you have an express account). The most visible is the new dining hall, with lots of choices. Other places you may not know about: Student Union (McAlister's Deli on the second floor, Cascades Cafe on the first floor); Trivette Hall (Italian food, McAlister's Deli limited menu). You can even get reasonably priced catering services through our food services office.
  • Coffee: There are a number of places to get coffee on campus, and all have study space and WiFi. There are two coffee shops in the student union, with the Whitewater Cafe on the second floor being generally quieter and less busy. Other coffee shops: Bookstore (just pots near the registers); Library; New Dining Hall; Trivette Hall. 


  • Outdoor Programs: Outdoor Programs offers a wide range of interesting, low-cost outdoor trips, and outings. Some of the trips offered include: rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, day hikes, and backpacking. Typically, programs run on Saturdays and groups are held to a small number. 
  • Fitness Centers: There are three fitness centers on campus with a variety of equipment: the  Student Recreation Center (near the Music Building), the Quinn Center (near the stadium), and the Mt Mitchell room (student union). In addition, you can participate in an exercise class or for a small fee you can get a personal trainer/fitness consultant. 
  • Community Service: Appalachian & the Community Together (ACT) has numerous community service opportunities concerning many social issues, which are in great need of both individual and group volunteers, so take advantage of the opportunity to get involved! 
  • Speakers and the Arts: There are many events planned on campus through a number of offices, most of which are free or have greatly reduced prices for students. Performances range from popular to Appalachian to classical music, dance, and theatre. In addition to the University Forum speakers, many programs and departments have colloquium series open to anyone. Take advantage of them!
  • Intramural Sports: There is a variety of sports offered each term (even in summer), at three levels of skill (intro, intermediate, advanced) - from table tennis to touch football. 
  • Varsity Sports: Appalachian is a member of the Sun Belt Conference and participates in a number of sports. Students are eligible to attend many athletic home game events at no charge. Go Apps!

Getting Help

In addition to getting health services when you are not feeling well, there are other places you can go for help with a variety of problems or issues that might arise, from support for research and writing to support for technology to emotional support. The graduate school staff is here to help as well!

  • Writing Center: Help with writing assignments, small or large, can be found in the writing center in the library. The staff - grad students and professionals in rhetoric and composition - work with writers in any stage of the writing process.
  • Library Research Support: We have a wonderful music library right here in our music building.  Music Librarian, Dr. Gary Boye, and his staff are always very helpful.
  • IT Support Services: The Computer Support Center supports faculty, staff and student computers. The staff works very hard to assist in finding the answers to hardware and software issues. Don't have a computer? Check out the Computer Store, located in the ASU Bookstore. The educational discounts are available to all students. 
  • Counseling Center: Services available within the Counseling Center include individual counseling, group therapy, and couples and family counseling. Enrolled students can meet with a counselor to determine the most appropriate course of treatment at no charge.
  • Disability Services: The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) assists eligible students and employees who have documented disabilities by determining and coordinating reasonable academic and/or workplace accommodations. If you want to pursue accommodations for your classes, you need to work through this office (Dougherty Building between the old and new library). 
  • Division of Student Affairs: The Division of Student Affairs includes a variety of helpful services, including the Student Legal Clinic (second floor student union in the student conduct office)  that provides free, confidential legal advice regarding landlord-tenant issues, disputes over debts, family law, traffic tickets, and a range of other legal problems.
  • Office of Equity, Diversity and Compliance: Appalachian is committed to maintaining a working, learning, and living environment in which administrators, faculty, staff, and students function free of harassment and discrimination. Concerns about harassment or other behavior brought by any member of the university community are addressed by an equity officer and brought to resolution if indicated. Find the office in the basement of IG Greer.
  • Office of Student Conduct:Appalachian is very concerned that all students, faculty, and staff adhere to the academic integrity code and the code of student conduct. When you applied to Appalachian you agreed to follow the codes when you submitted your application for admission. If you have concerns about a student's conduct - behavioral or academic - this office (second floor student union) can help.