Strings Performance

Strings Performance Faculty

Amber Joy Koeppen
Amber Joy Koeppen
Adjunct Instructor of Harp
Room 305, Broyhill Music Center
Dr. Eric Koontz
Professor of Viola and Violin
String Area Coordinator
Room 312, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-6464
Dr. Nancy E. Bargerstock
Professor of Violin
Room 313, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-6457
Dr. Adam Booker
Assistant Professor of Double Bass
Room 303, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-4982
Dr. Ellie H. Wee
Assistant Professor of Cello
Room 314, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-7501

Mission Statement

The Master of Music in Performance degree in the Hayes School of Music is based on the pillars of performance, entrepreneurship, scholarship and pedagogy, relevance, and wellness. These fundamental pillars support musicians in developing versatility and leadership for successful and independent performance careers in the 21st century. Close mentorship between the student and the faculty is central to the program, which facilitates exceptional opportunities to excel in the art of music.

Admissions Information

General Admission Requirements

Graduate Audition Requirements

Opportunities Once Admitted:

Graduate students could be offered principal positions in the Appalachian Symphony Orchestra and solo and chamber performances representing the School of Music throughout the state and region.  Assisting of studio professor in applied teaching duties may be assigned. Graduate students are encouraged to apply for employment in the Community Music School and to audition for one of the eight regional orchestras.

Degree Course Requirements

Course Requirements for the Master of Music in Performance Semester Hours Required (minimum): 32 to 35 - varies by concentration - see below.
Required Courses
  • AMU 6xxx: Applied Music (2+2+2+2 = 8)
  • MUS 5018: Applied Area Literature – topics depend on concentration (2)
  • MUS 5120: Music Research for Performers (2)
  • MUS 5130: Seminar in Music History, Culture, and Analysis (4)
  • MUS 5140: Performers Symposium (1+1+1+1 = 4)
  • MUS 5150: Artist Portfolio (1)
  • MUS 5960: Community Engaged Performance (1)
  • MUS 5998: Master of Music in Performance Recital (1)

Performance Concentration (Codes: Violin, 558U; Viola, 558T; Cello, 558C; String Bass, 558O; Harp 558H)
Semester hours required for the degree (minimum): 32

  • MUS 5022: Applied Area Pedagogy (2)
  • MUS 5100: Performance Ensemble (1+1+1+1 = 4)
  • MUS 5039: Advanced Orchestral Repertoire for Bowed Strings (1) (Bowed String Majors only; Spring, Odd-numbered years)
  • 2 s.h. of music electives for bowed strings chosen in consultation with an advisor
  • 3 s.h. of music electives for harp chosen in consultation with an advisor

Recital Requirements

  • The recital will consist of approximately sixty minutes of music.
  • Bowed string works should be chosen from each of the following periods: Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Modern Era. Harp repertoire will be determined by the harp faculty. 
  • The difficulty of the literature performed will be equal to or greater than the works presented at the entrance audition. At least one work must be memorized. 
  • A jury recital will be performed for the appropriate string faculty at least two weeks prior to the recital date.

Assistantships and Scholarships

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String Assistantships

The String program assistantship entails involvement in the Mariam Cannon Hayes Graduate String Quartet.

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