Voice Performance

Voice Performance Faculty

Faculty Member Title Contact Biography
Dr. Joseph L. Amaya
Professor of Voice
Room 320, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-6461
Gayle Green
Mary Gayle Green
Lecturer of Voice
Studio 216, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-7235
Dr. Gennard Lombardozzi
Assistant Professor of Voice and Opera
Room 412, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-6453
Dr. Julia Pedigo
Professor of Voice
Room 215, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-6449
Dr. Priscilla Porterfield
Vocal Area Coordinator
Director of Treble Choir
Room 306, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-6451
Dr. Meg Stohlmann
Assistant Professor, Glee Club, Music Education, Voice Class
Room 300, Broyhill Music Center
(828) 262-7022

Mission Statement

The Master of Music degree in Performance provides a comprehensive education in music as an expression of artistic talent with a thorough knowledge of pedagogy and applied literature. The degree offers the student performer the opportunity to develop high levels of musicianship and instill a lifelong desire to participate creatively as a dedicated artist, performer, scholar, and teacher.

Admissions Information

General Admission Requirements

Pre-Audition Requirements

Submit the following to Dr. Julia Pedigo three weeks prior to your audition:

  • Pre-audition unedited recording that includes two art songs and one aria, representing three languages. You can submit a link to a video you have uploaded on YouTube or you can send a CD or DVD.  Selections must be memorized. To download a step-by-step guide for a video audition, click here

  • List of vocal repertoire studied, organized by language and genre 

Dr. Julia Pedigo
pedigoja@appstate.edu OR
Hayes School of Music
P. O. Box 32096
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC. 28608

Audition Requirements

Auditions are scheduled by appointment with Dr. Julia Pedigo. If invited to audition in based on your materials, you must intend to major in Vocal Performance and be accepted into the Cratis Williams Graduate School.

The audition shall include five to six selections consisting of:

  • Eighteenth, Nineteenth, or Twentieth Century art songs performed in the original languages,
  • a Twentieth Century work for voice and piano,
  • an operatic aria in the original key and language, and 
  • an oratorio aria in the original key and language. 

The student shall demonstrate vocal techniques, musicianship, and artistry with potential for a performing career. Proficiency in the diction of French, German, Italian, and English shall be demonstrated in the literature performed during the audition.

Download the audition form, fill out the information on page one, and bring the complete form to your audition.

Degree Course Requirements

Course Requirements for the Master of Music in Performance Semester Hours Required (minimum): 32 or 35 - varies by concentration - see below
Required Courses
  • AMU 6xxx: Applied Music (8)
  • MUS 5006: Philosophy of Music (3)
  • MUS 5170: Professional and Scholarly Practices for Musicians (3)
  • MUS 5013: History of Musical Style (3)
  • MUS 5018: Applied Area Literature – topics depend upon concentration (3) 
  • MUS 5600: Analytical Techniques (3)
ConcentrationOther Performance Concentrations (Code: 558V) 
Semester hours required for the degree (minimum): 32
  • MUS 5100: Performance Ensemble (1+1+1+1=4) 
  • MUS 5998: Master of Music in Performance Recital (2) 
  • 3 s.h. of music electives chosen in consultation with an advisor

AMU 6001-6025. Applied Music (Major-principal) (2-4).F;S. Two 30-minute individual lessons or equivalent in individual and/or class lessons and six practice hours per week for each semester hour credit. Additional fee (Summer Term).

MUS 5006. Philosophy of Music (3).S. An investigation of the major philosophies of music in both historical and contemporary perspective. Particular emphasis is placed on aesthetic theory. The relationship between aesthetics of music educational methodology will be examined. Lecture three hours.

MUS 5013. History of Musical Style (3).S. A study of the tendencies of musical style within the major periods of western music history, with emphasis placed on the development of important genres. Consideration is given to geographic location and the social, political, and general cultural history of the time. The styles of representative composers are studied and comparisons are drawn between the arts and across stylistic periods. Lecture three hours.

MUS 5018. Applied Area Literature (1-3).On Demand.A comprehensive, historical survey of music for the major instrument, with a detailed study of at least one selected solo work representative of the style of each music period. Attention will also be directed to representative ensemble literature and the compilation of a discography and bibliography. May be repeated for a total credit of six semester hours.

MUS 5100. Performance Ensemble (1).F;S. Students will assume leadership roles as set forth by the ensemble director, including activities such as directing sectional rehearsals, preparing program notes and assisting with individual instruction.

MUS 5101 - Second Performance Ensemble (1).F;S. Designed for graduate students who are taking a second performance ensemble within a given semester. Students will assume leadership roles as set forth by the ensemble director, including activities such as directing sectional rehearsals, preparing program notes and assisting with individual instruction.

MUS 5170. Professional and Scholarly Practices for Musicians (3).F. Students will be introduced to a variety of skills essential for the performing musician, including introduction to research methods and resources, communication in the lecture-recital/lecture-demonstration format to equip students with the skills of adapting research findings into clear, concise, and comprehensible formats, and entrepreneurship. Lecture two hours.

MUS 5600. Analytical Techniques (3).F. The development of techniques for analysis of music from the Baroque through the Romantic period through counterpoint, melodic structure, harmony, and form. Lecture three hours. Permission of the instructor. [Dual-listed with MUS 4600.]

MUS 5998. Master of Music in Performance Recital (1-3).F;S.Graded on an S/U basis. May be repeated for a total credit of three semester hours.

Schedule of Course Offerings

Courses offered each Fall Semester:

  • MUS 5170 Professional and Scholarly Practices for Musicians
  • MUS 5600 Analytical Techniques 

Courses offered each Spring Semester:

  • MUS 5006 Philosophy of Music 
  • MUS 5013 History of Musical Style
  • MUS 5602 Music Theory Pedagogy (Even years only)

Recital Requirements

Two recitals are required and the student must be enrolled in applied voice during the semester each recital is presented. The first recital must include literature in four languages and be representative of all music periods from Baroque through the Twentieth Century. The second recital may be similar or, with the approval of the voice faculty, be replaced by an opera or oratorio role.

Proficiency Requirements

Students must show proficiency or prove by academic transcript one year of study of French and German, undergraduate diction, piano proficiency, Alexander Technique, and one of the following courses: Survey of Song Literature, Opera History and Literature, or Vocal Pedagogy. Students not demonstrating proficiency in these subjects may be required to take appropriate courses prior to being recommended for Admission to Candidacy in the second year of study. 

Assistantships and Scholarships

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Assistantships specific to the vocal department are available in the areas of: