Creative Thesis Option - Composition

  1. For admission to the program the student will:
    1. submit a portfolio of works which demonstrates a variety of styles.
    2. have studied composition privately at the undergraduate level.
    3. demonstrate proper calligraphy techniques.
  2. Upon acceptance to the program the student will submit a composition project proposal. The proposal must be approved by the thesis committee. At least two of the committee members must be members of the theory/composition faculty.
  3. The composition, written for a major ensemble, will be at least ten minutes in duration.
  4. A detailed analysis of the work in a form which conforms to formal thesis requirements as set forth by the Graduate School will accompany the composition.
  5. At least four weeks prior to the defense of the thesis the finished composition (inked) and the first draft of the accompanying paper will be in the hands of the committee members.
  6. At least two weeks prior to the defense of the thesis each committee member will receive the final copy. All drafts of the paper will be typed clearly and legibly. Handwritten drafts will not be accepted.

Note: In addition to these Hayes School of Music requirements for Creative Thesis Options, the student is responsible for adhering to the thesis requirements of the Graduate School.