MM Performance Degree - Community Engaged Performance

The Community Engaged Performance (CEP) course provides students with practical experience in planning, preparing, and presenting a musical performance within a community. The course offers an additional performance opportunity that uses the intended audience and relevancy to the audience to frame the objectives of the performance. This allows for a broader consideration of repertoire (which can be from any level), venue, and audience engagement for a musical performance. This course is generally taken during the second or third semester of study.

Under the guidance of the applied faculty member, the student will assemble a committee of three members. The committee members shall consist of their applied teacher and two additional members from within the HSOM. University faculty from other departments or members of the community may be consulted on the project where appropriate. The CEP proposal shall address the following:

  • The performance objective(s)
  • The intended audience
  • The performance repertoire and length of the repertoire (not less than 20 minutes)
  • The performance venue
  • The performance delivery
  • Background research on performance delivery mechanism
  • Audience cultivation mechanism (e.g., publicity and promotion)

The performance repertoire and its difficulty level must be appropriate for the intended audience. The applied teacher will provide guidance to the student in crafting the proposal. The proposal shall be submitted to the committee for consideration and approval no later than two months prior to the proposed performance. The committee will then provide feedback and inform the student of the proposal review result within a week of the proposal submission. If the proposal was not approved, the committee will provide the student with guidance for revision. The committee will review and approve the performance no later than two weeks prior to the performance. See syllabus for examples of possible performances.