The Graduate Committee

Master of Music in Performance

At least three faculty members who are members of the graduate faculty will serve on the graduate committee. The committee wiil be composed of at least one professor from the applied area and one each from music theory and music history.

Master of Music Therapy

For thesis students: The thesis committee will be comprised of the thesis advisor as chair and at least two other members of the graduate faculty, one of whom must be in music therapy. The third member may be either in music therapy or a member of the graduate faculty from the student's specialty area.

When the committee has been selected the student will complete the Graduate Committee Form and personally contact each prospective committee member to ascertain if he/she will serve. If the faculty member agrees to serve on the committee, the student will secure his/her signature on the form. After all signatures have been received and dated the student will take the form to the Dean of the Hayes School of Music. Following approval by the Dean, the student will deliver the form to the Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Music who will provide copies to all signatories. The original will be returned to the student. This committee will advise the student throughout his/her program.

Note: Students desiring to apply previously completed courses to their degree programs must provide the graduate advisor with transcripts of such courses at the first advisory meeting.